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Semi Permanent Make up (SPMU)


Eyebrows are so important for framing the face – a beautifully shaped and defined brow will instantly transform your appearance, lifting and enhancing your whole face for a more youthful and groomed appearance.

Semi-permanent make up (SPMU) is the perfect solution to give fantastic definition and shape to your brows creating the beautiful, naturally enhanced eyebrows you’ve always wanted that last all day, every day without the need for regular make up. Saving you time and money on your daily make up routine, SPMU means your brows look beautiful from morning to night with zero effort, and zero smudging no matter how busy your lifestyle.

At Treat we provide Digital Micropigmentation for eyebrows: a semi-permanent make up method using a super fine Nano needle and a digital machine to control the depth and precision that the needle implants the pigment into the skin. This is the most gentle method of SPMU and is suitable for all skin types with minimal trauma to the skin and the best, longest-lasting retention of pigment.

Excellent for balancing uneven brows, lengthening them, filling in gaps and even creating completely new realistic looking brows when there is no natural brow hair left (usually due to over-plucking or lost due to illness), Micropigmentation gives you natural looking shaped and filled brows.

Benefits of Semi-permanent make up for brows:

  • Fills in over-plucked or sparse eyebrows
  • Removes the time and cost of everyday brow makeup routine
  • Creates a stunning shape and extra definition for a more groomed and youthful look
  • Gives the appearance of realistic looking brow hair with an individual 3D hair-stroke technique, or
  • Creates a powdered brow effect, like newly made up brows, with the Ombre technique
  • Perfect for correcting uneven brows, for scar coverage, for alopecia sufferers or people undergoing medical treatments that have resulted in hair loss

​​Digital Micropigmentation Vs Microblading – What’s the difference?

When it comes to waking up with the perfect eyebrows to the envy of all others, there are two different tools that are used in the industry; new Semi-permanent Makeup (requiring a digital machine) and micro-blading (using a hand held micro blade).

But what’s the difference between the two techniques?

Micropigmentation involves using a specially equipment digital machine built specifically for the task of eye brows. It provides a method involving little or no pain as opposed to micro-blading but must be operated by a fully trained member of staff. It provides a more precise implantation of the pigment and last longer than micro-blading. Here at Treat our staff hold certification of training which can be viewed at any time.

Microblading is the alternative method but not supported by Treat. It uses a handheld blade used to slice and cut open the skin. The limited method of controls over this procedure mean that we choose only to offer digital micropigmentation because it causes minimal trauma to the skin.

SPMU Frequently Asked Questions

SPMU vs Microblading

There are two different tools that are used in the industry; new Semi-permanent Makeup (requiring a digital machine) and micro-blading (using a hand held micro blade).



How long does the procedure take?

On the first procedure I always book for 2.5 hours, this will cover the consultation and procedure.

What is the difference between Body Art and Cosmetic Tattooing?

In cosmetic Tattooing also called Semi Permanent Makeup, Micro-pigmentation we do not use permanent ink like for body tattoos but semi permanent pigment. The main reasons for using a less permanent pigment are that over time the morphology changes (gravity takes over as we age) therefore using something that allows minor adjustments to colour and to some degree form is considered more desirable by many for this reason.

How long will the tattoo last for?

Deposited pigment can remain visible in the skin for several years but to keep a fresh appearance and crisp shape a yearly colour boost is recommended.

Will it ever need to be retouched?

Yes, absolutely. A second treatment will need to be carried out 6 to 8 weeks after the initial tattoo, after this, most people come in 1-3 years for a refresh.

Lighter colours fade faster so if you are blonde or your skin is oily/combined your retouches will generally be annually. The warm and light molecules of colour will fade first.

What can’t you do during healing?

  • No touching… that is how you will get an infection. Only a washed hand can touch your new work and this is just to apply the after care ointment.
  • No Make up of any kind on the area treated until it completely heals.
  • No soaking in water, we recommend bathing until your work has healed.
  • No heavy sweating. Avoid heavy work-outs and bacteria filled gym or yoga environments.
  • Avoid the sun and tanning beds.
  • Treat it like an open wound. Keep it clean, dry, and moist with the aftercare cream provided.
  • No other product on treated area, except what you are given for after care. Antibiotic ointments should NEVER be used.

Will the colour change over time?

Yes, with most people the colour will change over time. Generally it will fade to a softer version or depending on the acidity of your blood may ash out (goes greyish) over time and then you know it’s time for a refresh where we put back the warm tones or the other way around cool down if you see warm hue.

Can we do the consultation before the appointment?

Yes of course… whatever is most comfortable for you. I will however do the consultation again prior to any procedure to make certain you receive the look you want.

Does it hurt?

Our most popular question….I do everything in my power to make the experience as comfortable as possible for you. I use anesthetics pre and during treatment so you should feel minimal sensation. Most people describe it as pressure, tickling or a slight sting after much like a sunburn, so you are welcome to bring any pain management you see fit to take. That being said all people respond differently and that’s why I take my time and if you feel any discomfort, just let me know, and we can take a break.




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