The aim of this policy is to demonstrate our understanding of the principles of health, hygiene and safety within our salon and our beauty treatment rooms.

It will introduce you to our policy and help you explore the measures we employ which are designed to protect the health and safety of people in our workplace, including staff, visitors and members of the public.

It will explain how we recognise hazards and their associated risks along with the understanding of skills required to manage a safe and hygienic work environment that surpasses the necessary regulations and legislation requirements especially in the light of COVID-19 .


March 14th 2020

Given the current emerging situation relating to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we would like to reassure all our clients that we are taking extra measures to disinfect and clean the salon throughout the day including on door handles, communal surfaces and the card machine etc. We are very aware of the necessary measures to be taken and are being extra vigilant in our efforts.

Hand washing facilities are available on arrival at the salon, with individual towels or one use paper towels and we would encourage all clients to use these.

In our beauty rooms, gloves will be worn by our therapists for the majority of our treatments, and masks will be worn for all close up treatments.
If you are feeling unwell, please call us to reschedule your appointment for when you are feeling better.

Keeping our salon a clean and safe place to be is in the best interests for us all and we appreciate your understanding


The principles of health, hygiene and safety

The importance of health and safety

Health, hygiene and safety is part of the ethos behind Treat Hair & Beauty.

The main purpose of the various laws and legislation is to ensure health, safety and welfare of people which is our priority! These laws apply to all working environments throughout our Salon.

Health and safety law applies to everyone in our workplace – employers, staff, customers and visitors or guests.

  • As employers we have a responsibility to provide and maintain a safe working environment and welfare facilities. They are also responsible for developing policies and standard or normal operating procedures to guide safe practice
  • As employers we provide safe working systems
  • Our staff follow these procedures in all their daily activities. They are inducted to health and safety requirements and receive other specialist training required for their work role, e.g. risk assessment, first aid, manual handling, hygiene and safe use of chemicals.
  • We ask that our customers, visitors and guests be informed of appropriate rules and behaviours to ensure you also take responsibility for your safety, e.g. following instructions from signs provided, such as not walking across a wet floor where a sign has been displayed. Washing hands where requested to do so and following basic hygiene practices

Everyone has responsibility for maintaining health and safety

The main factors that influence health and safety in a hair and or beauty salon include:

  • Environmental factors – conditions in the workplace and working area, for example the working temperature, ventilation and noise
  • Occupational factors – the potential risk of certain illnesses due to the services or treatments being offered, for example asthma from exposure to certain hairdressing or beauty products
  • Human factors – how people can contribute to accidents due to inappropriate or poor behaviour, carelessness, error or haste

Our commitment to you:

  • The health, safety and welfare of all people will be maintained at all times and we will operate within policy guidelines.
  • Hazardous chemicals or substances will be handled and stored securely and risk of emission will be controlled.
  • We will seek to ensure people are protected against any risks that may occur as a result of activities in the workplace.
  • The work place will provide clean and hygienic facilities, including the availability of drinking water, changing areas and toilets and first aid facilities at all times.
  • Appropriate equipment will be provided for use and adequately maintained.
  • The appointment of qualified staff to provide supervision and instruction (as appropriate) and the provision of additional training, as required, e.g. first aid and health and safety.
  • Adequate insurance to cover accidents, e.g. employer and public liability
  • The provision of reporting and recording mechanisms, e.g. accident books
  • Regular review and evaluation of all healthy and safety policies and procedures to ensure they are current, valid and reliable.

“Our Staff have direct responsibilities for health and safety and a ‘duty of care’ to take reasonable and practicable steps to ensure that everyone in our salon is kept safe and free from harm”

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