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To provide services and products of a high quality to enhance our clients’ physical appearance and mental well-being in a relaxing and tranquil environment

Treat is a Hair and Beauty business owned and run by sisters Sam and Jess in the historic town of Battle, East Sussex.

With backgrounds in the Fashion Industry, Sam as a Fashion and Portrait Photographer, hair and make-up artist, and Jess as a clothes designer and manufacturer.

Naturally we have both always had a keen interest in the Beauty Industry also. Sam has been a talented hair stylist with a loyal and extensive client base for over twenty years, and Jess has worked for many years as a website designer, successfully running her own business for six years.

We believe that the creativity and attention to detail that we have developed over the years, along with our passion for delivering quality treatments has now enabled us to open a unique salon.

“Family Run Business”

We have always had a close relationship with similar tastes and ideals and this translates into having the same vision for our salon: together we want to create a salon with an atmosphere of calm professionalism.

Soothing to the senses with simple yet luxurious décor, beautiful smells and music; a salon providing quality treatments and high levels of care that assure our guests of our dedication to their well-being and our ability to achieve great results.

As we are mature therapists we hope that all our guests will feel at ease with us. That we can relate to many or all of the issues that may concern them and allows us to treat them with the respect and discretion they need and deserve as our guests.

From Hair to Body we provide a multitude of treatments”

As well as offering treatments that make guests look better aesthetically – the ‘Beauty’ part of our business – we very much want our salon to provide the ‘Therapy’ aspect. To achieve that ‘whole body’ holistic approach to the treatments and help our guests to feel better.

  • We want our guests to leave our salon feeling as though they have had a special treat (hence the name)
  • A treat in amongst all the other busy or stressful aspects of their day –
  • A little bit of time to nurture their own well-being
  • To leave feeling refreshed and revived

Sam and Jess look forward to welcoming you to Treat



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